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Somerset Parish Register Transcriptions


Buckland St Mary Baptisms 1541-1556/7, 1563-1597, 1620 and 1634/5-1640/1

Buckland St Mary Baptisms 1663-1670

(from bishop’s transcript)

Buckland St Mary Baptisms 1706-1788

Buckland St Mary Selected Baptisms 1795-1812

(additions and variations to Roy Parkhouse’s transcription)

Buckland St Mary Baptisms 1904-1916

(1914-1916 added 16 Oct 2016)

Buckland St Mary Marriages 1754-1812 (plus extras from 1665/6 and 1750)

Buckland St Mary Marriages 1837-1915

(1897-1915 added 7 Aug 2016)

Buckland St Mary Burials 1538-1584/5, 1590(?), 1592-1593 and 1599

Buckland St Mary Burials 1600-1640/1

Buckland St Mary Burials 1663-1670

Buckland St Mary Burials 1706-1916

(1914-1916 added 17 Dec 2016)


I will be publishing further transcriptions of the Buckland St Mary parish registers as I complete them.

Transcriptions of Buckland St Mary baptisms 1788-1903 and marriages 1537-1837 are available on Roy Parkhouse’s site, as well as numerous other transcriptions for nearby parishes.

An index to on-line transcriptions of Somerset parish registers is provided on Ian Sage’s site.

If you have any queries or comments, spot any errors (bearing in mind that the spelling in the transcriptions is intended to be as it appears in the registers), have any clues about any of the names that I found illegible, etc, please feel free to email me.